Modelled for your success

At Intellore, we invest in your long-term success and work together with you as strategic product partners. Whether you’re seeking to validate a POC (Proof of Concept) with the shortest turn-around time, execute a full-fledged, end-to-end project-scope or build an extended, dedicated offshore engineering team, Intellore’s Partnering Solutions offer various engagement models tailored to your specific requirements. By working in close collaboration with all the major stakeholders at the customer’s end, our consultative discovery process unearths the most optimal solution and ensures a long-term, fruitful partnership.

Our engagement models range from project-scope-based, to short-term-based ‘T&M – Time & Material’, to long-term resource-based (‘FTE – Full Time Equivalent’ & ‘ODC – Offshore Development Center’) engagements. When customers are able to define the exact scope of work upfront, our project-scope-based engagement offers a single point of responsibility and faster time-to-market advantages based on our experience, expertise, knowledge and reusable frameworks.For the resource-based (‘FTE – Full Time Equivalent’ & ‘ODC – Offshore Development Center’) engagement model, we specialize in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to augment skills, capabilities and in-house resource strength at your enterprise.

Most of our strategic partnerships are based on one of the following models. In case you’re looking for something different,we offer hybrid or customized engagement models tailored specifically to your needs.

Project-Scope Based

  • Typically used when project requirements are clear upfront, and the scope is well documented
  • To overcome short term resourcing needs or obtain skills not available internally
  • Fixed price for agreed scope
  • Milestone-based invoicing
  • Supplier’s ownership of scope and risk factored into the price

T&M – Time & Material

  • Time based, short-term
  • Typically used for short term requirements (less than 3 months) where time and resource requirements (i.e. required skills, number of resources and duration) cannot be defined upfront
  • Fixed, hourly bundled rate
  • Monthly invoicing based on usage
  • Scope ownership and risk ownership with the customer

Resource-Augmentation (FTE)

  • Suitable for initial team size of less than 5
  • Typically used for engagements spanning across 6 months to 1 year
  • Suitable when a set of technology skills is required for executing multiple projects / developing a product range
  • Increasing maturity of engagement in probable shift towards ODC
  • Skill-based hourly bundled rate
  • Monthly invoicing

Resource-Augmentation (ODC)

  • Suitable for initial team size of more than 5
  • Resource-based, long-term, multi-year SLA
  • Matured engagement – fixed & named resources
  • Customer’s offshore team in direct control
  • Hourly bundled rate and / or skill-based specific rates
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Secured & dedicated IT

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