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Co-creating Your Digital Transformation Vision.

Intellore’s Digital Transformation Services span the entire “Things to Cloud” continuum for all stakeholders in a partner ecosystem. These co-creation technology services help broaden and strengthen partner relationships to create a strong ecosystem for companies striving to be digital enterprises. The entire digital transformation journey from digitization to monetization of new business models requires the evaluation and adaptation of solutions that require a complex infrastructure of sensors, platforms, connectivity, analytics, work processes, and applications, to enable people at all levels of the enterprise to make data-driven decisions. Intellore is the single-point provider for all your digital transformation requirements, right from domain-specific Embedded Systems that power Intelligent Edge Devices, to Differentiated / Insightful Cloud Applications and enterprise apps.

Digital Transformation Services

As traditional companies are doubling their transformation efforts to keep pace with the disruptions from unconventional frontiers, they are rapidly realizing that new value creation lies in a) leveraging massive volumes of data from connected products and services and b) ramping up the ability to take more automated decisions and faster actions in real time.

The digital transformation process unlocks new business opportunities in the following areas:

Operational efficiency

Quantified improvement in asset utilization / uptime through predictive maintenance and remote management.

New products and services

New connected ecosystems, coalescing around software platforms that blur traditional industry boundaries, enabling software-based services, pay-per-use offerings and monetization of data

Outcome economy

The emergence of an outcome economy (pay-per outcome, fuelled by software-driven services (platform-driven market places), innovations in hardware and increased visibility into products, processes, customers and partners.

Autonomous pull economy

Collaboration between humans and machines (continuous demand sensing), which will result in unprecedented levels of productivity (end-to-end automation) and more engaging work experiences.

Addressing these challenges across all phases of the digital transformation journey individually for a single company, be it a consumer or a supplier, is a tall order. This is where Intellore plays a crucial role.

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