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Technology Trends

Intelligent Buildings deliver immense benefit for all stakeholders involved. By combining the latest technological advances in cloud, connectivity, analytics and physical design, Intelligent Buildings enable better visibility, greater efficiency and control for owners, operators and occupants. These key stakeholders can now enjoy quick and easy access to real actionable insights, giving them more control over day-to-day and long-term outcomes.

The Internet of Things is also driving rapid growth in this space, enabling digitalization to add more value. For example, we can now integrate various building subsystems, which otherwise would typically operate in silos as they are supplied and installed by disparate vendors.

The main value of intelligent buildings stems from their ability to offer new levels of insight and control, translating into the key benefits of more efficient operations, optimized resource management, better space utilization and greater occupant productivity.These benefits, too, are made possible by smart devices and sensors, cloud connectivity integrated business systems, machine learning and various productivity solutions.


The Digital Wave will feed the Green Wave; and vice versa

All Intelligent Buildings focus on energy conservation. By aligning themselves to smart grids, these buildings are better able to optimize energy requirements. This conservation goal of Intelligent Buildings will reinforce the concept of ‘Green Buildings’, strengthening the green movement like never before.

At Intellore, we specialize in transforming urban residences into Intelligent Buildings that pave the way for a more sustainable and productive future.

Intellore’s services can excelerate digital transformation for

HVAC Systems

Lighting Systems

Fire and Gas Systems

Access Control and Surveillance Systems

Energy and Utility Metering

Energy Management

Back up Power systems / UPS


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