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The digital transformation wave has sparked the Intelligent Energy revolution, giving rise to two significant changes: To begin with, there’s a marked shift in preference, from fossil-based energy, to renewable, sustainable sources.

Secondly, the distribution structure has undergone a complete change, with less focus on centralisation and more on distributed energy.

Until recently, the utilities model was one-directional, where end users were simply consuming energy. However, the advent of smart technology is changing this model from the ground up.This means we’ll be entering into a new era of two-way energy management, which calls for smarter digitalization.

The future of renewable energies also depends strongly on digitalization along the whole value chain to ensure that power from decentralized and disparate volatile energy sources is optimally integrated into the grid. And while this change is underway, we can expect numerous digital services, products and solutions, ranging from “smart communication between energy producers, smart grids, storage systems and consumers” to “grid security and data protection”, to constantly disrupt the market.

When it comes to energy distribution, the digital revolution is shining the spotlight on distributed energy components. Some of the technologies that are most widely used by power, water and gas utilities include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

At Intellore, we can help your enterprise turn future trends into intelligent business opportunities that reap results here and now.

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