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Technology Trends

Today, three things are revolutionizing the intelligent healthcare segment – the institutionalization of medical knowledge by medical professionals in various apps, the proliferation of wearables and wireless medical devices that provide real-time information, and the widespread emergence of electronic health records.

The newer wearable technologies and IoT devices help fight health conditions that otherwise would be more difficult to manage, while continuously monitoring healthcare-related signs and metrics, without being too intrusive. These conventional medical devices, primarily categorized as Diagnostic & Monitoring devices (Blood glucose monitors, Heart rate monitors etc.) and Therapeutic Devices (Ventilators, Insulin pumps, Hearing aids, etc.) are now built on intelligent, low-power, wireless platforms that measure, process, capture and protect biometric data collected by sensors, including information like heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and movement. The recorded data is then wirelessly transferred to the cloud for personal and professional analysis.

Apps are transforming the way we consume and administer healthcare

Currently, there is a host of mobile apps specifically designed for both doctors and patients, with new ones launching every day. The doctor-targeted apps are making physicians’ work easier and effective by offering access to high-class monitoring devices and drug and disease databases. At the same time, patient-centric apps are making patients more aware of their health and well-being. These apps are powered by speciality cloud-based platforms that house electronic health records, as well as big data solutions and analytics, which are used to understand patient behaviour and monitor health conditions, especially among the older population.

At Intellore, our deep experience in the healthcare domain enables us to predict future trends and help businesses capitalize on them.

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