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Technology Trends

The merging of the Digital (IT) and Physical (OT) worlds is ushering in Intelligent Manufacturing technologies, irrespective of whether enterprises employ continuous, discrete or hybrid production processes. Businesses are realizing that the only way to survive in the increasingly complex manufacturing world is to be data-driven.

So what would a future-ready manufacturing enterprise look like? To begin with, smart and connected Production Assets (Production Equipment + Machines), Utility Assets and Automation Assets, integrated with input logistics as well as output logistics, would be table stake.

But more importantly, leaving aside product quality and operational efficiency which would continue to hold extreme importance, the critical differentiator would lie in the enterprise’s ability to take advantage of the data inside the organization. To create new business models, both end-users and OEMs will now have to embrace and adapt to this new paradigm shift of data-driven complexity.

Industry 4.0 and IIOT to create unconventional growth opportunities

Concepts like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 are now headlining every manufacturers’ priority list. This opens new door to OEMs, enabling them to be a part of the rapidly evolving Cyber – Physical Systems.

Using these concepts, successful companies of the future will be able to capture new, as well as unconventional growth, by boosting revenues with increased production, creating new hybrid business models, exploiting intelligent technologies to fuel innovation and thus transforming their workforce and business.

At Intellore, we’re on top of these future technologies that can unlock exciting new opportunities for growth-driven businesses. Partner with us and we’ll make technology work hard for you.

Intellore’s services can excelerate digital transformation for

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Cross / Multi- Platform Integration

In-process Measurements for Better Analytics

Asset Management

Predictive / Proactive Maintenance

Enhanced Safety

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